Watching Long-eared


Our research reaches the community through field workshops, training programs, and lectures. Our emphasis is on high school students, university students, and adults. We also train interns and volunteers.

High School
During a morning in the classroom and an afternoon in the field, students learn to create research questions, to design methods, and to develop field techniques. They also discuss ecology, conservation, and management. Schools throughout western Montana participate in our annual program, and some for more than a decade.

Universities and Community Colleges
Our year-round research programs give students the opportunity to observe and participate in local projects. We also offer limited yearly internships.

To provide adults with opportunities for education, we work with local civic groups, such as Flathead Valley Community College’s Elderhostel Program and the Glacier Institute. We focus on raptor identification, raptor ecology, and our owl research programs.

Hundreds of volunteers have helped with ORI’s field studies, assisting with trapping and banding, nest box monitoring, and surveys.

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The Owl Research Institute is dedicated to owl research, education and conservation.
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